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I am a fan of almost all kinds of Sonic artwork, so I've seen my fair share of Modern Sonic fanarts. This one really gives off a differ...

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As a fan of To-LOVE-Ru, and its sequel, I must say this is a strikingly accurate piece. The clothes are perfect, the hair is perfect (e...

M-Th. No. 21 - Gold by EllyTheGee

I have seen plenty of SonAmy fanart, and I have seen my fair share of Super Sonic fanart, but this is the first one that both puts them...

I pretty much forced this through my fingers, but I was finally able to write SOMETHING. This is an idea that was given to me by a fellow manga lover and admirer of angels: A crossover between Highschool DxD and Heaven's Lost Property. While this will be a short journal, I will switch between Issei and Tomoki periodically. There will be a bit of genderbending involved, as well.

THIS IS NOT A STORY I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE. Once I have gotten past my depression I have planned to go back to Strawberry Soul, and then Tales of Symphonia 3 once Strawberry Soul is finished. After that, I'll be picking at dust in the wind unless someone wants me to finish a particular story idea I had. I may even post my very first story, High-School Detectives, once it's been cleaned up and revised. For now, though, I will write in this as I see fit.

At any rate......on with the show!


Hello, there! It's me, Hyoudou Issei. Right now I am currently having an argument with someone who is just as much of a pervert as I am. Who am I arguing with and why? Well...

"Scissor Sisters: The Finale is the best one this year, Dragon Breath!"

"Like hell it is! Beach Boobs and Butts Part 3 is WAY better than that, Limp Dick!"

The black-haired guy in front of me points dramatically at the erotic DVD in his hand. "Scissor Sisters has the highest ratings of all the erotic movies this year! BBB's already fallen out!"

I replied by pointing at the television to my left. "BBB has been a crowd pleaser for nearly twenty years! They always have the newest models and babes! Women any dude with half a brain would kill to lay his eyes on!"

Yes....we're arguing about who has the better erotic collection. And the man I'm arguing with is Sakurai Tomoki. Beside us are a small group of girls, three I am familiar with and two I'm not. The first three are girls from my club whom are also known as the Church Trio: Asia, Xenovia and Irina. The other two are incredibly beautiful women with great oppai, one with pink hair and small pink wings on her back, and one with long golden blonde hair and small white wings. Both of them have similar revealing outfits and give off the same aura of angels that Irina has.

I should probably explain how we ended up like this. About a month ago, after our Occult Research Club and Vali's team finally defeated the Khaos Brigade, we were able to restore Uroboros to its true form by combining Ophis, the original Infinite Dragon, with the Uroboros clone called Lillith made by the Khaos Brigade. (That was a scene I will never forget.....if only because I saw too much) Afterwards, just as we were returning to our normal highschool lives, Ophis paid a surprise visit to our clubroom and gave me a strange jewel. When I asked her about it, all she said was, "Issei-san can use the infinite and the dream. Great Red says this will let him become like us."

The jewel looks like a normal gemstone; a brilliant-cut ruby that doesn't seem to get dirty or grimy. The only weird thing about it - besides belonging to Great Red - is the faint pulse of light emanating from its center. Nobody in the club knew what to do with it. Even my partner Ddraig, the Crimson Dragon Emperor who resides in my Boosted Gear gauntlet, had no idea what to make of it. When we took it to Azazel-sensei, he had it shipped off to the Grigori Institute for research.

Sometime later, we all paid the Institute a visit where we made an astonishing discovery: The jewel appeared to have come from the Goddess of Oppai, Chichigami-sama! According to the dumbfounded fallen angel researchers, her gemstone had the power to connect the many of dreams of oppai across the universe! When we found that out, I immediately grasped the jewel and made a single wish:

"Take me to a land filled with wonderful oppai!"

Next thing I know, a dimensional rift opens under my feet and swallows me whole! I'm experiencing the sensation of free-falling off of a plane! Before I can gather my bearings and whip open my dragon wings, a second hole appears and drops me.....


Right on top of someone. Thanks to my dragon body and intense training, the impact felt about as painful as falling off of a three-foot tall fence. As I got up and looked around, I saw that I had landed in the middle of what looked like an ordinary living room, complete with a television set, couch with matching armchairs, and a sidetable with a lamp. My eyes wandered around until I saw the pink-haired girl with huge oppai looking back at me with a plate of food in her hands.

"Someone has fallen on my master."

She spoke in fluent Japanese, but it was dull and void of emotion. Her eyes, on the other hand, seemed to change color from a vibrant green to nearly blood red. She walked to a nearby sidetable and placed the food neatly in front of her, and then huge wings suddenly bloomed on her back. Without warning she flew right at me, grabbing me by the neck and slamming me against the wall! I could feel the strength of her grip despite her slender-looking fingers, and immediately summoned my gauntlet as I tried to pry her hand open.

"Tell me why you have harmed my master. Now." She still spoke with the same dull tone, but the killing intent in her whirling red eyes was obvious.

"I-It was an accident!" I choked out, cursing my lowered guard as I tried to enter Balance Breaker. Gah, why can't I summon my scale mail?! Deciding on the spur of the moment, I start gathering fire in my lungs just as the girl made a fist with her free hand. Right when we were about to have at it, another girl appeared at the front door.

"Ikaros! I bought some more watermelon seeds....." I could tell right off when I looked at her that this girl was a human. She didn't have any killing intent coming from her, and was holding onto what looked like two grocery bags. The pink-haired beauty's eyes reverted back to green just as the other girl dropped her bags on the ground in surprise.

The girl named Ikaros let go of my neck and calmly walked over to the other girl, who simply stared at me while I grasped at my neck and gulped in air. "Thank you, Sohara. I will plant these immediately." After a toneless greeting, Ikaros picked up both bags and walked around me to kneel beside the black-haired guy. After setting the bags to her side she gently shook the dude, as though trying to wake him up. I looked over at Sohara and tried to explain myself. "I didn't mean to fall on him! I just picked up some kind of weird jewel, and next thing I know-!"

"What's going on, now?" Another voice came from the hallway, and I saw a small loli with blue hair tied in twin ponytails give the whole room a once-over. After several moments she knelt down beside me and asked casually, "Who are you? Did you come down from the Synapse?"

What the hell is Synapse? And why aren't you asking for my well-being?! Wait, what the hell is going on anyway?! Before I could ask any of those questions, a dimensional hole appeared right next to Ikaros and the unconscious guy. From it appeared a small stream of people - everyone from the Occult Research Club had followed me!

First to arrive was Rias Gremory, the woman I love and the High-Class Devil President of our club. Directly on her heels was the Vice President, Himejima Akeno. Behind her came three people at once: Asia Argento, Shidou Irina and Xenovia. and bringing up the rear was our resident Knight Yuuto Kiba, Dhampir Gasper Vladi, youkai Toujou Koneko, former Valkyrie Rossweisse, House of Phoenix member Ravel and - for some weird reason - La Fay, the magician I made a pact with and former member of Vali's group.

"Issei!" The moment she saw me, Rias ran over and embraced me in a tight hug. Ahhh, nothing feels better than the soft sensation of oppai in my face!

"Whoa. Who are all of you?" The blue-haired loli asked in the same calm voice.

While everyone else was either examining the unconscious guy or trying to help me to my feet, Kiba walked forward and bowed lightly. "Apologies for the disturbance. I assure you this was simply an accident."

As expected from the Dragon Knight of our group, he treats even perfect strangers with respect! The loli tilts her head curiously at him and replies, "I can tell that much. But why did you guys fall from a dimensional hole? Did Daedelus send you?"

"Ah, well..."


Hey. Sakurai Tomoki here. Yeah, Dragon Breath shoulda told you what we were doing. I think he also tried explaining how we first met. Well, before I follow up, let me explain a little myself.

I rewrote my world thanks to Sugata-senpai and Daedalus, and everything went back to normal....almost. Middle school became normal again, but in high school Nymph, Astraea, and the two harpies (who named themselves Juno and Vesta, for some reason) convinced me to become their master. Hiyori, too, made me her master after a single and extremely chaotic date to Japan's two nuke sites. Now, seventeen years old and a hord of beautiful Angeloids in my now three story house, I never expected to be involved in something as huge as a war spanning dimensions. But then....I never expected someone crash-landing on my skull, either.


I prop myself up, clutching my head like I usually do after one of Sohara's killer karate chops. After she took up martial arts in freshman year, she's gotten even stronger. But this pain isn't because of a chop....

It's because somebody plowed into my head from a hole in space!

I looked up groggily to see a whole crowd of people in my room. Nymph is speaking calmly to a handsome blonde dude with a creepy-ass sword on his hip. Next to Nymph is a brown-haired dude surrounded by every manner of hot babes, and Sohara is staring like an idiot at the scene...

Wait, is that a hole in my wall? And who's the jackass getting all the attention from that boobilicious-looking harem?! I jump up immediately and point a finger at the suspect.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! And why are you groping hot chicks in MY house?! Only I get to grope boobies in this place!!"

The entire room goes silent as all eyes turn on me.

"Uhh, Tomoki?" Nymph says calmly, "These guys are from a different dimension."

"Who cares?! I'm talking to YOU, pretty boy!" I start glaring furiously at the brown-haired dude, who smirks and gently pushes the girls aside.

"You wanna know who I am? I'll tell you." He raises his left hand, curls it into a fist, and delcares boldly, "I'm the man who will one day become known as the ultimate Devil Pawn! AND the greatest Harem King of all time! I'm Hyoudou Issei, the Emperor of the Crimson Dragon!"

I can't help but stare. The only part of that statement I understood was that this guy wanted to be a Harem King. Before I knew it, I started laughing.

"H-Hey! What's so funny?"

I shrugged. "Oh, I dunno...maybe it's because I already have that title." I grinned at the stunned expression on his face. "You see, I just so happen to live with a lovely group of boobies-"


Now that's the pain I'm familiar with. The pain of getting a karate chop on my head...and it came from the brown-haired girl standing behind me with her usual brand of fury, one hand folded and ready for more. "Tomo-chan..." she growled.

"But it's true!" I whined, but before I could say anything else we all heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. We looked at the doorway to find Sugata-senpai and his girlfriend Mikako at the front door. "I propose we sort out this situation before anyone else gets hurt," he said in his usual calm manner.

And just like that, Sugata was able to deduce how into our world. Well...there IS more to it, but I'm currently arguing with this Dragon guy over which movie's better. As our argument heats up, both Astraea and the blonde beauty Asia raise their hands. "Um..."

"WHAAT??!!" Dragon Guy and I turn and yell at them at the same time.

"Why does it matter who has the better movie?" Astraea asked innocently.

"Yeah," Asia added, "Why can't you just watch them together?"
  • Mood: Agony
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Over the last year or so I've noticed that a lot of things are in decline. My games, even when I make a new discovery, aren't as pleasurable as usual. My writer's block has gotten so strong that I can barely write anything outside of comments and emails, and concentrating on work has become very difficult. I'm also sleeping in more often - and much longer than necessary, to the point that I can sleep 10 to 12 hours. I feel as though most of the time I listen to Game Grumps it's just to drown out the things my dad is watching. (My laptop is near our TV, and he likes watching it with surround-sound on which makes it louder)

One of my friends who goes to my school AND one of my co-workers both told me that they think I'm suffering from mild depression. I didn't believe them at first, but then the co-worker pulled up a Wikipedia page on depression (mood). As I read through it, I noticed that a lot of my changes lined up a little too well with the warning signs. When I still refused to believe it he (co-worker) then showed me a page from Dr. Oz's website on depression. When I read that it usually kicks in after a traumatic event (such as my cat dying - see my earlier journals for details) that finally hit the nail on the head.

So now I know I'm depressed. But I still don't have a single ****ing clue as to how to fix it. What do you guys think - should I try to fix this on my own, or consult my doctor?
  • Mood: Defeated
  • Watching: DreadOut - Game Grumps

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Oh-kays, now to write something real down here....

My name is XXFanXofX4869XX! (No dur...XP) I am a college kid with Autism,
and a writer and photographer. I like Naruto, Tales of Symphonia,
Negima, Strawberry Panic, Detective Conan, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann,
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I also like root beer and Raving Rabbids.....BWAAHAAHAAH!

*A-hem* I am currently writing a crossover fanfiction called
Strawberry Soul. Its a cross between Strawberry Panic and a
little-known novel series called Tairen Soul. Both are
AWESOME!!! :iconhyperplz:

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I am the creator of :iconaoinagisaplz: and :iconshizumaplz:,
and I also like to RP, but I will sometimes act as more than
one person, including myself. These people are my Original
Character, Michael v'En Sandahrus Nahrilas, and his
soulmates Sheena and Asuna.

Just Want More Yuri

One more thing.

( o_o) There are some people who think with their hearts, and some who think with their heads.

( o_o)∟◥▶◀◤ As for me.....

( ◥▶_◀◤) I think with my fighting spirit!!!

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